What is Archifact?

Archifact is a collective of artists established in 2021 which works with Visual images, sounds, graphic design, and direction for performing arts. We have been producing some projects, published videos of performing arts, collaborations with other theatre groups, and workshops related to media and the body.
Our group name comes from the combination of two words: Archetype, which refers to the original prototype (a term proposed by the psychologist C.G. Jung), and Artifact, which refers to the deviation or distortion of data or signals that occurs during the process of image processing. Our philosophy is based on the idea that the noise and errors that occur in the process of creating things can sometimes trigger creators and viewers to experience dimensions beyond the original intent or meaning, and that these deviations are inherent in the archetype of all things, rather than something to be avoided.

Upcoming plans for 2023

“Media and the Body” workshops (4 times a year):
Workshops exploring the coexistence and space creation of body expression (movement, acting, vocalization, etc.) with video and sound as the main media.

Short films (open casting call for actors, performance artists, dancers, etc.):
Short films will be shot and then edited with post-production and compositing to create a visual expression. The finished product will be posted on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Promotion and exploration of video expression methods will be pursued by both the production team and participants.

Stage performances (late November):
Building stage art where video, sound, and body complement and synchronize with each other.

Other art events cross different genres, …etc.