“Media (Visual/Audio) and the Body”
March 2023

This workshop aims to create a space where media (moving image, sound) and physical art coexist and coincide. It holds as a series four times a year. The workshop is a public experiment in which the input data is the movement and acting of the body, which is then output in real-time as an image and sound installation in the space. We will explore the possibilities of stage creation together with the participants by pursuing the potential that arises from the space where the body and media provide mutual feedback.

Visual: Yusuke Ohba (Archifact)
Sound: Katsumasa Motoki (aBiSyEikAh⊆)
Host & Performance Direction: Masaru Munakata (Archifact / bug-depayse)

Software and Hardware used:
TouchDesigner / Azure Kinect / various effects, samplers, etc.